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Managing Pending Apps in the AppDepot

Presto users and developers who create Apps in Presto Hub publish these Apps to the AppDepot to make them available to other users in the AppDepot, for desktop access, or in Presto Mobile, for mobile access.

Mobile features and the Presto Mobile Add-On require a Presto license that supports this feature.

Publishing is a managed process to ensure that Apps meet requirements and are deployed and updated with minimal disruption to other users. Presto administrators act as the ’AppDepot manager,’ the gatekeepers that review pending Apps to approve or decline them. For more information on this workflow, see Publish Apps to the AppDepot.

Each organization defines the approval criteria for pending Apps. Common criteria includes having sufficient information or screen shots to help users understand the App.

Only Presto administrators have permission to view, approve or decline pending Apps in the AppDepot.

  1. Click Pending in the AppDepot menu to see the list of Apps that have been submitted for review.

    Use Search or the Category, Provider and Tag filters to quickly find a specific pending App.

  2. To run the App, click Open (in the bottom right corner).

  3. Click the App name to open the AppDepot artifact page for this App and review information or the workflow history.

    To ensure minimal disruption, approved and pending Apps are separate copies of the original Apps created in Presto Hub and have separate artifact pages.

  4. To approve this App, click Approve from the App information page.

    A basic checklist of the status of common criteria will be added to the notification sent to the App owner. Add optional comments and click Send to AppDepot.

    This adds a new App or updates the existing App in the AppDepot and in Presto Mobile. This also updates the status of the original App in Presto Hub and adds an entry to the workflow history.

    Run permissions for the Presto Hub App automatically follow to the App copy in AppDepot and Presto Mobile. You may need to update these run permissions to provide appropriate access. See Grant Run Permissions to Published Apps in the AppDepot for instructions.

  5. To decline this App, click Decline from the App information page.

    To add comments for any of the basic App checklist items, click that item. Optionally, add additional comments to the notification and click Send Back to Producer.

    This removes the pending copy of the App from the AppDepot and sends a notice to the App owner. This also updates the status of the original App in Presto Hub and adds an entry to the workflow history.