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Creating Workspace Apps with Mashboard

Workspaces group individual Apps in a useful layout that you save as a new App. Workspaces can also:

  • Contain widgets or other types of content such as input forms, Google gadgets, web pages and other media.

  • Wire the Apps they contain to synchronize their data or behavior. Wiring ties Apps into a composition that works together. Wiring is also sometimes called inter-App communication.

Workspaces most commonly contain Apps that focus on one subject, such as a dashboard, or are designed for the use of a specific team. To create a workspace:


  1. Open Mashboard from the Presto Hub Home page or select Create > App in Mashboard from the menu.

    See Working in Mashboard for more information on Mashboard menus, buttons and toolbars.

  2. Click New Workspace and choose a layout for it:

    • Column: choose the number of columns. Apps appear side-by-side within one row.

    • Table: choose the grid layout for Apps. Table layouts arrange 4-5 Apps in a specific grid.

    • Desktop: users can move Apps around in this layout to any position within the single 'page' of the workspace. Users can also minimize Apps to a dock or task bar and maximize Apps from the dock.

    • Tabbed: the workspace can contain multiple tabs, each of which has its own layout, containing one or more Apps. Individual tab layouts can be Column, Table or Desktop or tabs can contain a Web Page. The tabs provide direct navigation to their contents.

    • Paged: like a tabbed layout, this has multiple 'pages' but no tabs. Each page has its own layout, containing one or more Apps. Individual page layouts can be Column, Table or Desktop or pages can contain a Web Page. Users navigate to different pages using a paging toolbar.

  3. Add content to the workspace and adjust the layout using these techniques:

  4. Optionally, wire the Apps to synchronize their data or behavior. See Wiring Apps in a Workspace for instructions.

  5. Once the workspace is laid out with the content you want, click Save and:

    1. Enter a Name for this workspace.

      This defaults to the name on the workspace tab in Mashboard, which typically is the name of the layout you chose for the workspace. Change this to a more meaningful name.

      Presto uses the App name to assign a unique identifier to the App. App names can contain ASCII letters, numbers, spaces, tabs, line ends and these common symbols: _ ~ - * ' .

    2. Enter a Title for this workspace.

      This defaults to the workspace name, but you can change this as needed. Titles typically appear in the title bar for the App or workspace.

    3. Enter any of the optional meta data for the workspace:

      • Description = a brief description of the purpose and scope of this workspace.

      • Category = the primary purpose, product, area of interest, aspect or other grouping for this artifact or resource. Categories define what an artifact pertains to. Categories are defined by Presto administrators.

      • Provider = the organization, department or group who provides or is responsible for the information in this artifact or resource. Providers define who or where information comes from. This can be external sources or systems or groups within your own organization. Providers are defined by Presto administrators.

      • Tags = one subject, purpose or other aspect of this artifact or resource. Tags define a finer grain of what an artifact is about. Artifacts can have any number of tags. Tags are defined by users.

    4. Click Create.

  6. The workspace is saved and is now visible in Presto Hub as an App. It also now appears in the Workspaces tab in Mashboard.

  7. Set run permissions for the workspace to enable other users to work with this App. See Grant Permission to Run Mashables, Mashups and Apps for instructions.