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Publish Apps to the App Store

You must publish Apps to make them available in the App Store where other users can work with them.

The publishing process manages how Apps are made available to users in the App Store and also manages updates to help ensure minimal disruptions. Publishing creates a 'live' copy of the App that is separate from your App in the Presto Hub.

Publishing Apps involves three steps:

  1. Provide meta data and complete any other App requirements defined by your organization.

    Meta data, such as screen shots and information about the App serves as provenance to help users discover Apps in the App Store and determine which Apps they want to use. Your organization determines what meta data is required plus any other standards that Apps should meet before they are published to the App Store.

    Common tasks include:

  2. Submit the App to the App Store.

    1. In Presto Hub, open the App artifact page from search, your favorites or other links.

    2. Click the App Store Status tab.

    3. Enter a message to the App Store manager and click Submit to App Store.

      The status changes to pending and a new log entry appears for the Workflow History. You should also see a notice that the App has been submitted in the Notifications section on the Presto Hub home page.

  3. An 'App Store Manager' must then review and approve or decline the App. Presto administrators should see Managing Pending Apps in the App Store.