Presto Starter Edition is available for Free

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Last week we announced that Presto Starter Edition would be made available for Free starting February 21st. And it was. I just want to take a brief moment to explain what this means:

  • 1. We are making the product available to use for free in production, not just in development.
  • 2. You can now go live with that Real-Time intelligence solution you have been building with Presto Apps & App Store powered by enterprise mashups.
  • 3. The Starter Edition allows upto 5 connected users and can be deployed on a single computer but not more than 2 cores. See the new Starter Edition License agreement for full details and also refer to the License FAQ.

Why are we doing this?

We are responding to what we heard from our developers and customers that they would like a starter edition for free. We believe this will be useful for you to prove out the value of your solutions that you alone can put together with your own data sources in your own environment using Presto. We wanted to remove all barriers for your success in getting started with Presto.

Will the Presto Cloud still be available if I want to use?

Yes, the Presto Cloud Edition which is the latest version of Presto hosted on MDC always be free and available to all community members.

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