Changing resource url?

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I would like to change the resource URL of an existing Mashable (WSDL) that is currently used by a few mashups.

How can I do that? How can I change properties of my Mashables without touchig my Mashups?


Thanks in advance.


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Deepak Alur
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 Hi Peter,

The easiest option is to "Remove" the Mashable by going to the Mashable page and clicking on "Manage" and "Remove this service" button, and "Register" the WSDL again with the same name. As long as the mashable's id is the same, your mashups will work fine. You don't need to remove your mashups. You don't need to edit them either, unless the mashable id is different. If you used the same name as you did before, you will get the same id provided you removed the old one first before registering again. 

Let me know if you have any questions.