Are you new to the Mashup Developer Community?

In life there are many first days and first times.  Here in the Mashup Developer Community we strive to make your first day experience easy, fun and valuable.  Read on to learn a bit more about what the Mashup Developer Community is all about and how you can get involved.

What is the 'MDC'? The Mashup Developer Community (MDC) is designed to help mashup enthusiasts connect with each other and with leading Mashup experts from across the industry. Whether you are an enterprise software developer, analyst, or non-techy, you'll find the MDC has a place for discussion, learning and sharing.

What does the MDC have for you?  There's lots of good mashup-related stuff on the MDC for the software developer and for the analyst/researcher.

Are you the 'techy' type?  Want to get your hands dirty with mashups?  Most importantly, MDC members can download the Presto Enterprise Mashup Platform. And the MDC has lots of developer resources like how to videos, code samples, mashup examples and  thorough product documentation.

Not the hard-core software type?  Would you prefer to start by reading and chatting?  The MDC has a huge range of Mashup Interest Groups to help you connect with people who have the same needs as you. Ranging from Mashup Fundamentals to common mashup associations like Portals and SOA.  Each mashup interest group contains resources that support and encourage mashers so that all members can eventually call themselves Extreme Mashup Developers.

How can you participate?  I’ve always said “the more we can learn from each other, the less we have to learn on our own.”  

Start a conversation: Every MDC member can create, comment, rate and/or tag discussions, videos, demo, and even funky avatar pictures throughout the site.  If you’re going to an event and think others could benefit too, post it. If you spent all night thinking about how mashups could help you work smarter and want to share your story, tell your ‘friends’.  We are all listening, so go create a conversation!

Make some new friends:  Your MDC profile is your home. There you can tout the mashups you built and easily see what those in your network are mashing too. Make friends and follow their mashup path. It might be the easiest way to jump start your own mashup journey.

While you’re doing all of this, remember you’re not alone. And you can consider me your first MDC friend. I am the Mashup Developer Community Manager and I’m available anytime, so feel free to send me a note.  

Welcome to the MDC!