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New Release: Mashup Sites for SharePoint 3.1.1

Today we are excited to release Mashup Sites for SharePoint 3.1.1 for SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) and SharePoint 2010, with full support for Presto 3.1.1.

Mashup Sites for SharePoint enables organizations to support Real-Time Business Intelligence solutions in SharePoint, allowing SharePoint business users to publish native web part based business Apps and to visually assemble interactive dashboards. SharePoint users can securely share their Apps and Dashboards with other users in both SharePoint 2007 and 2010 as well as with users of other Enterprise Portals, including IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebCenter and Weblogic, and Liferay. Mashup Sites for SharePoint 3.1.1 features include: [Read More...]

Ladies and Gentlemen, Without Further Ado...Presto 3.0 Cloud Edition!

Posted 08/11/2010 - 13:09 by jess

After months in the lab and countless hours of development, we’re proud to put Presto 3.0 in the hands of you, our Mashup Developer Community members.  And it’s a massive upgrade from Presto 2.x. [Read More...]

Your App destiny awaits, Presto 3.0 is here.

Today is an exciting day for all of us. We have launched the 3.0 version of Presto. With this release, our Enterprise Mashup Platform enables you to create mashup-driven Apps and share them in your own internal Enterprise App Store. Presto 3.0 accelerates the ability for tech-savvy business users to create, use and share the Apps they need while also letting IT maintain security and governance over enterprise data assets.  [Read More...]

Congratulations to Lou Sacco: Our New MDC Member of the Month

Posted 07/07/2010 - 11:19 by jess

This month’s Member of the Month is Lou Sacco, a solutions architect from Qualcomm and a valued member of our community. We invited Lou to take part in our Presto 3.0 Beta Program because of his extensive background with Presto and his love for new technology. [Read More...]

A Sneak Peak Presto 3.0 (Part 3): The Roots of Presto 2.7 Mature and Evolve

Posted 06/24/2010 - 16:34 by jess

Now 6 days before launch, we’ve reviewed Hub: the launch pad to mashup and App making, App Maker: the quick and easy way to create Apps in 2 simple steps, Mashboard: the App dashboard when one App just is [Read More...]

A Sneak Peak of Presto 3.0 (Part 2): How to Create an App in 2 (or 3) Simple Steps

Posted 06/09/2010 - 13:00 by jess

Last week we described a few of the new features in Presto 3.0, including 'Hub', 'the launch pad for mashup making'.  While Hub catalogs all Presto resources (mashables, mashups, Apps) into different categories based on type, provider and creator, one of it's most important aspects is that it enables you to create 'an App for that'.  [Read More...]

A Sneak Peek of Presto 3.0: Everything You Need to Build an App Store in Your Enterprise

Posted 05/20/2010 - 11:56 by jess

As some of you might know, we've been busy working on the next release of Presto, version 3.0. We've given a few lucky folks a sneak peek and, in the spirit of community, we've asked them to share their thoughts.  Here's how Bill Ives from the App Gap put it:  [Read More...]

Learn it from THEM not ME

Every mashup starts with an idea but why is it I only ever read about the 'killer apps'? Especially since I have conversations with community members everyday about their small feats to create apps for ad hoc situational needs. Many times these apps are created to increase productivity, reduce development time or create new insights but each time, they all start the same...with an IDEA 

So here it is, next time someone asks you, 'How would you use enterprise mashup technology in your organization?' you know where to go for ideas.  [Read More...]

Check out the 'Broadband Applicant Geospatial Mashup App'

Posted 04/23/2010 - 13:14 by jess

The 'Broadband Applicant Geospatial Mashup App' presents a view of how the government could potentially allocate federally funded dollars to support the extension of Broadband infrastructure and education across the nation. This collection of mashup apps provides deeper insight into the companies, locations, projects and loans/grants requested to fulfill the Broadband promise. Each mashup app is detailed below: [Read More...]

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