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Article - Mashing Up The Corporations

Posted 11/13/2008 - 16:06 by girish

Here is an interesting article from Forbes on:

  • Why mashups are good for  enteprise IT ?
  • Why it's good idea to provide the right tools to users and let them roam free ?
  • And their take on what JackBe has to offer

Excerpt from the article: "Mash ups offer a way to collect and contextualize information from many internal and external information sources and systems of record in such a way that business users can analyze it and take action. By working with mash ups, business users can incrementally build in the functionality and information they need. They create an initial mash up with one or two sources of information and then add a little more, perhaps information from another system of record or online information source."

Read the full article "Mashing Up The Corporations" [Read More...]

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