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Posted 04/14/2009 - 10:02 by jeremy.pitten

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Mashups and Microsoft SharePoint Part 2.3: SharePoint Web Services

This is the eigth in a many-part series about Mashups and Microsoft SharePoint.  You can read about the entire series at

Presto version 2.6.1 or later is capable of consuming SharePoint Web Services, earlier versions of Presto did not support the NTLM Authentication.

SharePoint Web Service Endpoints have the general form:

http://site address/_vti_bin/service name.asmx

The following SharePoint Web Services are considered to be of particular interest as Presto Published Services:

Sites /_vti_bin/sites.asmx Provides methods for returning information about the site templates for a site collection.
Lists /_vti_bin/Lists.asmx Provides methods for working with lists and list data.
Views /_vti_bin/Views.asmx Provides methods for working with views of lists.
Search /_vti_bin/search.asmx Allows access to Enterprise Search results from client applications and Web applications outside of the context of a SharePoint site.

The following link provides a summary of all the Web Services available in SharePoint MOSS 2007 SharePoint Web Services.

Microsoft does not recommend heavy use of SharePoint Web Services for updating SharePoint data, however, passive use of SharePoint Web Services to read service data is considered acceptable.

Publishing a SharePoint Web Service on Presto

Having identified the SharePoint Web Service endpoint URL, we're able to publish the service as a Presto SOAP Service. Presto requres the URL of the Web Service WSDL which we can get by appending ?wsdl to the Web Service Endpoint address.

The following information is required to publish a SOAP Service on Presto:

  1. A URL for the Web Service WSDL, eg. for the Lists Web Service, The URL must include the ?wsdl query.
  2. NTLM credentials, username, password and domain.


  • Choose an existing or create a new Presto Application to which the Service will be assigned.
  • Select a Service Provider to be associated with the service.
  • Choose one or more service Tags, for example you may wish to tag services with the name "SharePoint" and all services from a given site with the SharePoint Site name.

Note that the initial service publishing stage will fail if the ?wsdl property is not included in the Web Service URL.

Password credentials are stored by Presto in encrypted form.

The full procedure for publishing a SOAP Service on Presto is detailed here Registering a WSDL Mashable in Presto

Having published and activated the service, the service is now mashable, which we'll discuss in the next article, Mashing SharePoint Web Services.


This post is part of a many-part series about Mashups and Microsoft SharePoint.  You can read about the entire series at