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Presto 3.2: Got Mobile?

Posted 11/29/2011 - 01:37 by Deepak Alur

Over the past few months, the Presto team has been busy crafting yet another release full of goodies. This time, we focused on Mobility!
We are pleased to announce that Presto 3.2 is here and you can get it now!
Let me tell you a bit about what's in the release. We are introducing a new add-on to Presto platform called Presto Mobile. It provides a whole new way of creating Apps that work on desktops, smart phones and tablets. Presto Mobile has the smarts to recognize how the user is accessing the app, and deliver the right user experience based on the user's choice of access - desktop, phone or tablet. Using Presto Mobile, you create just one app. And Presto Mobile takes care of presenting device specific user interface for that app to the users. For instance, if a user accesses that App from his desktop browser, you will see a desktop browser compatible web application. But, if the user accesses the same App using an iPhone, then Presto will present him with a mobile touch based version with the same level of functionality as the browser version. The app looks and feels like any other mobile app on the iPhone. Similarly, when that app is accessed via an iPad, Presto delivers a touch based version that takes advantage of the larger screen. Create an App once, and it adapts and runs anywhere - desktop, smartphone or tablet! Seeing is believing, so take a look at this quick tour video (< 10 minutes). [Read More...]

In respose to @dlemen: Is enterprise mashup just the new term for Portal?

Posted 08/19/2010 - 16:32 by Deepak Alur

Here was an interesting question on twitter today from @dlemen:

I'm slow, I know, but is "enterprise mashup" just the new term for "portal?"

I think this is a good question and a common one for mashup newbies. [Read More...]

Presto Demo at Web 2.0 Expo: Mashing SalesForce and Web Site Analytics into Oracle Portal Server

Dion Hinchcliffe presented a great 3 hour workshop titled Economics 2.0: Highly Effective Strategies for Putting Your
Business on a Recession Diet
. You can read more about it in Social Computing Magazine. During the section on Mashups, Dion invited me up on stage to demonstrate enterprise mashups using Presto.  Here's a recording of my demonstration:

  [Read More...]

Mashups : New and Agile way to Integrate

[Cross-posted from my personal blog]
I came across this interesting post: How Mashups Could Eliminate Integration Projects by Loraine Lawson. In a related post, she refers to John Crupi's article Enterprise Mashups Part I: Bringing SOA to the People which I would recommend to readers who want to understand JackBe's take on defining mashups. Anyway, Loraine's post led me to Ron Schmelzer's ZapFlash. Here are some excerpts of Ron's article that caught my eye, with my take on them.

Excerpt from ZapFlash:

A year or two ago, assuming that a mashup was a web browser-based, static, user interface composition of web-based functionality would be a reasonable presumption. But in the enterprise context, none of those assumptions necessarily hold – we might want non-Web access to mashed applications, we might want to change them regularly, and we might want to mash up information that exists below the user interface abstraction. For sure, Web mashups might embody the ideals of the original mashup concept, but we now have the desire to mash up a wide variety of IT resources from application to infrastructure to data that might be exposed with a wide range of interfaces – or without. And, it’s the desire to mash up information freed from the application that diversifies the mashup term to include the concept of the data mashup.

Introducing the Mashup TierMy take: This hits the point right on what we at JackBe have been saying all along about mashups. While some mashups are done purely in the UI/Browser, in the enterprise, such mashups need to be supported by a new tier, the mashup tier, which sits between the presentation and business tier. So enterprise mashups will have some mashing done in the client, but most of the mashing happens in server side where security, governance, policies can be applied before any mashing can happen in the client. [Read More...]

Presto @ Silicon Valley Code Camp : Session Report

We attended the Silicon Valley Code Camp this weekend. I presented an impromptu "lightning talk" on Presto, lightning because I had to do it in 5 minutes or less I think. I was able to give a good overview of enterprise mashups and even demo Presto Developer Edition within that time.

But more importantly, Kishore Subramanian presented a session titled - Building and Sharing Enterprise Mashups & Mashlets. There were about 30 attendees. Kishore went over the concepts behind our mashup approach like mashables, mashups, and shareables. Kishore demonstrated SalesForce mashups and walking through the internals including EMML code, about how you can merge data from SalesForce with data from internal proprietary data source and merge/combine to produce a mashup (virtual) service. He demonstrated how to invoke a mashup via a REST interface, which makes it easier to use a complex/mashup service. He also showed how to make a Mashlet using MashletMaker and share the mashlet. And finally he demonstrated Wires to show how to visually mashup by drag, drop and connect. I captured a few interesting questions that I wanted to share with the community... [Read More...]

Mashables > Mashups > Shareables

How exactly does the mashup process work? What does Presto really do? These are a couple of common newbie questions. I have had different explanations for this, but of late, I have narrowed down on the following elevator pitch (trust me, this textual explanation looks long, but I can explain really fast in person) that I have used successfully with other developers recently. So I thought I will share this with the community in case it helps others to understand the process and artifacts around enterprise mashups.


I found it easier to explain the whole mashup workflow using three terms: Mashables, Mashups and Shareables (OK, I confess, these may not be in the English Dictionary yet :-) ). [Read More...]

Let's Mash! Get the Presto Developer Edition now!

Let's Mash! [I wanna hear David Bowie sing that!]
I am excited! We are excited! You see, today is a very special day for us developers at JackBe. We are putting all the work we have been doing over the last 2 years into the hands of the person most important to us - you, the mashup developer! I am happy to announce that we are making the Presto Developer Edition available to everyone for FREE to download and develop enterprise mashups! We are now empowering even more developers to free themselves from some conventional problems they have been dealing with by using, developing, deploying and applying the concept of enterprise mashups.

What's in it for me, did you say?  [Read More...]

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